What We Do & How We Do It

We do not impose pre-determined tools or processes.  Rather, our methods and approaches are driven by your business priorities and challenges.

Our highest leverage work – the work that has the greatest impact on the success of our clients – falls into six categories:

    • Needs Assessment

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Team Alignment

  • Executive Coaching

  • Culture Calibration

  • Skill-Building Workshops

With a particular focus on expert facilitation, we help teams that work in fast-paced and demanding environments succeed.

 Our Focus

We’re business consultants, with an emphasis on Team Alignment, Leadership Coaching and Culture Change. Specifically, we guide client organizations by…

  • Clarifying strategic direction and specifying the essential elements of the business
  • Defining how the work gets done, with clear accountabilities
  • Fostering a cohesive, committed and trusting team
  • Building leadership capability
  • Supporting leaders as they navigate change
  • Enhancing  employee commitment through participation