Tracy Church
SVP Chief HR Officer
Hartford HealthCare

“Anna is a very skillful and trusted advisor who is enabling us to fast-track a significant organizational redesign. She possesses deep organizational development expertise and broad general management experience that is invaluable. Anna is also extremely astute and a very quick study who has taken the time to learn the organization and our people — building rapport and engagement at all levels. Anna is always in the moment and her sense of humor is a terrific bonus.

We’ve asked Anna to facilitate several large and a series of mid-size group sessions and a smaller off-site retreat. For each one she partnered with us on design and was terrific with helping to establish a safe and effective in-room environment and dialogue that has allowed us to achieve the individual and collective breakthroughs we needed to realize our vision. Anna consistently delivers a highly effective and engaging consultative experience, and I’m really glad she is an extension of my team.”

Barb DeMaio
Business Executive

“I have known Anna for over 15 years and had the opportunity to work with her as part of several senior leadership teams engaged in team alignment and cultural change. Three years ago, Anna guided me through a personal transformation. She helped me discover my inner strength and inspired me to pursue my dreams. She is amazingly talented, insightful and caring as she works with people and teams. I have a deep admiration for her as a coach and friend.”

John Gatesman, CLU, ChFC
Senior Vice President of Sales
SWBC Investment Services

“Anna was a great resource for me and two of the businesses I ran for a large financial services firm.  Both were very positive experiences, but the second was truly impressive due to the transformation of the staff and the long term benefits generated from Anna’s direction and guidance.  The engagement followed on the heels of a significant change I made in mid-2010 to the senior management team of the business that was very difficult for much of the staff.  I asked Anna to assist in taking the new management team through a process that would result in a new vision and growth strategy for the business.

Just as important was using the planning process to help establish and solidify the new leadership team and increase employee engagement throughout the organization.  The initial phase involved my VPs and directors.  Once the vision and strategy was determined, they established four strategic implementation teams that included most of the employees.  The impact was significant not only financially but also to the staff.  Under the old leadership, most of the employees had very little say or input into the business or how their work was done and many had worked there for over 15 years.

Through this process led by Anna, they not only had that opportunity, many really stepped up which allowed many to grow and eventually move into higher level or more challenging positions.  When I left the organization in 2014, three of the four implementation teams were still meeting on a regular basis to look for ways to improve business processes and the customer experience.  I would gladly speak with anyone considering using Anna’s services.”

Lauren Todd Ganem
Learning Manager
Cigna University

“Our organization has been fortunate to have worked with Anna numerous times to increase our human resources acumen and sharpen our consulting skills. Anna’s knowledge of the intricacies involved in influencing, contracting, and driving business results in highly matrixed, complex business environments allowed her to design workshops for our HR employees that revealed our areas of opportunity while leveraging what she quickly identified were our strengths and areas of potential. Employees that Anna worked with two years ago still reference her by name and mention best practices from her workshops that remain relevant and invaluable to them today. She brings a strong blend of professional adeptness and learning agility, combined with approachability, sincerity and insightfulness, to the table in all her engagements. I highly recommend her consulting, design, and facilitation services.”

Kelly Jones-Waller, CPCC, PCC
Executive Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator
Kelly Jones Coaching

“Anna Tansi is a gem of an organizational consultant, educational designer/facilitator and coach.  In addition to being a strategic thinker, she is agile in her ability to capture the bigger picture and then synthesize it with her knowledge and expertise into tangible workable solutions.  She combines this with her warm sense of humor and partners with clients to achieve win-win strategies.”

Kim Kenney-Rockwal, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
MBA Program Director
Elms College

“Anna facilitated an executive offsite where she demonstrated strong meeting management skills, and the ability to help us surface and focus in on specific key issues that we wouldn’t have been able to discuss on our own. She elicited participation from very different personalities to insure that they were being heard. She has a good way of listening to 10 people, then distilling and re-framing the information into one succinct theme. We gained tremendous value out having Anna facilitate; we could not have done that internally because we were too invested in the content. I have seen Anna working in other business arenas and can relate well with any audience – being equally effective facilitating dialogues with individual contributors as she is working the senior leadership.”

David O’Leary
Genworth Life Insurance

“I have had the pleasure of engaging Anna to work with me in three different organizations where I was leading strategy development and implementation. She is amazing – from the initial preparation to execution of design sessions and group meetings to the post engagement follow up. Anna is the consummate professional. She does not bring a prescriptive approach, rather after engaging a wide audience to understand the rhythm of the organization and our objectives she tailors her approach to deliver the desired results and has constant check-in and follow up to insure that objectives are exceed. I would and have highly recommend her to any organization that is serious about change. She is just the person to help to help you achieve your goals.”

Debra A. Palermino
Human Resource Executive

“Anna has worked successfully at very high levels of Fortune 100 organizations on significant challenges, like with MassMutual for the past decade, because of her ability to drive organizational effectiveness. She combines her diagnostic skills, deep insights on change management and highly developed coaching skills to move teams forward.”

Lissa Robinovitz
LR Business Solutions, LLC

“I had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops conducted by Anna Tansi in 2015. Anna’s authentic style, confidence without ego, and mastery of the careful balance between pushing attendees to stretch for growth and respecting individual tolerance is refreshingly effective. Anna sets clear goals, gains buy-in from stakeholders, and holds herself and stakeholders accountable for progress. I left the experience with new insight and tools for continued growth and development. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Anna in the future.”

Rob Stockwell
Head of Agility & Cloud Computing
Voya Financial

“I was first introduced to Anna at a leadership offsite. We had a new leader and several new members on the team. Anna was brought in to facilitate the session and help us work t through the process of defining ourselves as a team. What I was most impressed with was her ability to bring out the perspectives of all attendees. She was also able to bring you out of your comfort zone while keeping it comfortable. Her insights, coaching and frank feedback regarding our responsibility as individual leaders and how our teams would view us as a Senior Leadership  team were invaluable.

My experience from that session influenced me to bring Anna back in when I was undertaking a major organizational change. Anna not only facilitated my leadership meetings but also sessions with frontline managers and staff. She assisted in keeping the various sessions on track as well as ensured everyone was comfortable bringing issues and concerns forward. As a result there was very constructive and candid conversation in each session.

Under her guidance we developed a transformational change team. Anna assisted in the development of a team charter and ensured all members understood the charter and their role in assisting the organization through the change. Anna also provided valuable coaching and guidance to me throughout the process. I viewed her as a key member of my leadership team. Anna always provided candid feedback to me whether on my delivery of communications, leadership style or when I should step back and allow my team to make decisions.

In the end we executed a large organizational change, all employees felt informed, understood the reasons for the change, understood how the change impacted them as individuals and what their role was going forward in the organization. Without Anna’s leadership and guidance we would not have attained the success that we did.”

David T. Taylor
Senior Pastor
First Church of Christ, Glastonbury, CT

“Passion, insight, focus, engagement, care and joy. Anna offers all that and so much more. Twice in 12 years Anna has served as a catalyst within our congregation as she led us through an all-church planning process of visioning, discovering, engaging as a community, and making commitments to our future. From months and months of working with a small design committee, to up-front facilitation leading a 120-person event, Anna’s skilled and always warm and engaged presence enabled our congregation to dream and hope together, and to engage in a newly-unfolding direction for the organization. We have accomplished many goals that we committed to over a decade ago, and have shifted our culture to align more closely with our vision. Anna has the passionate, caring and dedicated heart to help lead a community toward an ambitious and courageous future!”

Lorie Valle-Yañez
Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer
MassMutual Financial Group

“I have had the great fortune to have worked with Anna Tansi for the last four years. During that time, Anna has conducted several teambuilding sessions for me and for my colleagues.   Anna masterfully helps teams connect and build trust, delve into and resolve the most complex people challenges and always brings the team to a much better place.  She has extraordinary intuition and insights into people, is able to create safe space and inspire courage and candor among team members.  Anna has a unique ability to read the room and intuitively know where the group needs to go.  She is non- judgmental, knowledgeable and flexible, and will access different methods, tools and exercises in order to move the group forward. The outcome is always powerful –actionable take-aways for individuals and the group to implement immediately upon returning to the office, and ultimately, a higher performing and functioning”

Julia Winer
Program Manager
CREC’s Capitol Region Interdistrict Leadership Academy

“CREC has contracted with Counterbalance Consulting for nearly a decade to offer top-quality training on MBTI to students in CREC’s highly-competitive Leadership Academy. Anna Tansi’s instruction has become a core component of our year-long curriculum on leadership and community service.

Anna demonstrates the most important qualities of a good teacher: intelligence, patience, flexibility, and a sense of humor. She is extremely knowledgeable about leadership and team dynamics, and she has the ability to adapt and adjust her teaching to meet the needs of different groups, personalities, and targeted outcomes.

In end-of-year student surveys, Anna is consistently rated highest among all of our speakers. Students indicate that Anna’s seminars helped them to understand their own leadership style better and to value the diverse styles and strengths of their peers.

Anna is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, considerate, and a skilled communicator. She has made a true impact on our students, and her seminars continue to be an essential component of our successful program.”